Upcoming FREE Webinar – Reducing Video Surveillance Cost Via Centralization

Video Insight webinars provide valuable information and insight that can be of great help when selecting your next VMS solution. Our next two webinars cover the topics listed below.

Reducing Video surveillance Cost Via Centralization – Thursday, Feb. 20

Implementing a robust, cost-effective video surveillance solution can be a challenging task for any institution. Deciding on the best deployment raises many questions: How can I update my current system and still leverage existing hardware? Can I still reuse older analog cameras? What are the cost benefits of a centralized vs. decentralized deployment? Which implementation provides lower total cost of ownership (TCO), reduced maintenance costs, and a robust redundancy with the capability of failover?

Topics Covered:

  1. Benefits of a Centralized vs. Decentralized Deployment
  2. How to Reduced Maintenance Costs
  3. Leveraging of Existing Infrastructure
  4. Virtualization
  5. Hundreds of Cameras Per Server
  • Date and Time: Thursday, Feb. 20, 12pm CST
  • Duration: 60 mins

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